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Some simple guidelines BEFORE you submit!

Please make sure that you have a good description of your web site as that gives our visitors a better idea of what they may expect when visiting your web site. Good descriptions will make people more inclined to click on your link.


  • The website must have content, adsense only sites will not be approved.
  • Non-English sites are acceptable if they are in the World category within the proper category.

Not Acceptable:

  • No site redirects or doorway pages
  • No pages with pop-ups taking over my computer
  • No Illegal, violent, or hate sites.
  • No Adult, Online Drug, Fake Diploma, or Tobacco Sites.
  • No under construction sites. Website must be completed prior to submission.
  • No sub-domains
  • No multiple submissions for the same site with a different inner links
  • Excessive CAPITALIZATION all or most of the words in the title or description

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